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What is LouisianaMap?

LouisianaMAP was originally designed as a proof of concept, developed through a partnership between the Louisiana Office of Electronic Services (OES), the Louisiana GIS Council (LGISC), and the Louisiana Geographic Information Center (LAGIC).

The Louisiana MAP geospatial portal is a web-based, interactive mapping service that provides state and local government decision makers, academia, and the general public access to and dissemination of the geographic framework data. This portal is provided as a service for analysis of user supplied information in the context of the geographic framework data. The Louisiana MAP portal has been implemented in the state web-portal environment. This integration has required customized augmentation of the architecture with technology that specifically designed to support and distribute geographic information in a web-based environment. The initial release of the portal occurred in November 2003.

This latest version of LouisianaMAP continues the proof-of-concept tradition, incorporating a number of new capabilities and services. Development of this site will proceed according to 3 distinct phases:

Phase 1: Provide the basic framework for Internet-based map applications and data services.  This phase will consist primarily of interactive maps and globe services. 

Phase 2: Incorporate new functionality within these maps, including: address matching, routing with directions, and resource integration with map features. 

Phase 3: Broaden these capabilities by extending the functionality of these services, including map mashups and mobile technologies. 

Who Developed This Site?

Development on LouisianaMAP 2.0 was initiated by the LA Geographic Information Center (LAGIC) in October 2008. LAGIC and OES are currently augmenting the site through partnerships with various developers, including ESRI and Methods Technology Services, Inc.

LouisianaMap Development Team
Louisiana Geographic Information Center (LAGIC) ESRI
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