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LOSCO 2007 DVD - File Downloads

The featured data collection is the May 2007 Louisiana GIS Digital Map DVD Compilation. This 2-DVD collection is a compilation of publicly available geospatial data pertinent to oil spill prevention, contingency planning, response, damage assessment, and environmental restoration. It has been designed to provide easy access to the most recent and essential geospatial data in a convenient distribution format.

Data Downloads:

Each thumbnail is linked to a .zip file containing the LOSCO 2007 DVD Folders with the corresponding data including ESRI formatted shapefiles and Personal Geodatabases (.mdb).

A collection of various data pertaining to the state's flora and fauna. 17mb
Public Land Survey System (PLSS) data for the state. 23mb
Statewide Census and infrastructure data. 193mb
Datasets related to Louisiana's economic development 11.4mb
  • Enterprise Zones
  • Oyster Leases

Bathymetric and Elevation Data 79mb

  • NOAA Bathymetry
  • LDEQ 24k DEMs
Environmental Baseline, Quality, Sampling 16.8mb
Geodetic Control Points 2.8mb
  • NGS 2004 Control Points
Earth Forms and Processes Data. 384mb
Governmental UnitsGovernmental Units
Governmental Facilities, Zones and Districts 169mb
Water data for Louisiana 282mb
  • TIGER Water
  • Basins
  • Scenic Rivers
Satellite Imagery and LAndcover Data 109mb
  • LANDSAT 5 TM Imagery
  • NOAA Landcover
  • GAP
Statewide Infrastructure and Facillity Data 139mb
Land Use  - Land CoverLand Use Land Cover
Public Lands Data and Floodzone Polygons 79.9mb
  • FEMA Floodzones
  • Federal Lands
  • State and National Parks

Map ReferenceMap Reference
Topographic Map Grid Reference and GNIS Names 11.4mb

  • 6, 12, 24, 100k Quad Index
  • GNIS
  • GARS
Statewide Transportation Infrastructure Data 389mb
Page Instructions Details
  • Click on the desired thumbnail
  • A download dialog will open
  • Save the .zip file
  • Unzip the folder with Windows,
    Winzip,7-zip etc.
  • Import the data into your GIS
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